Consultation and Training to Children's Homes / Fostering Agencies / Local Authorities

Consultation and Training to Children's Homes / Fostering Agencies / Local Authorities

We are experienced in offering consultation and training to Residential Children’s homes, Fostering agencies and Local Authorities. Consultations can be about an individual child or to a group (for example within a residential home).

Dr Lakshman (Lucky) Ganatra and Dr Manjeet Susch both offer services for children's homes, fostering agencies and local authorities.

Fostering Agencies / Local Authorities

For fostering agencies and local authorities, we usually offer consultations slots which can be half-day per month or more, whereby you book in foster/adoptive parents for hour long consultations. These can be either one-off or for regular foster/adoptive parents. Consultations can be used to discuss emotional and behavioural issues relating to their children.

We can also provide consultation around an individual child where this is needed. Usually this would involve an assessment of the child/family, but could also be in the form of supervision for the professional involved.

We provide comprehensive training around:

  • therapeutic parenting,
  • trauma and attachment for foster/adoptive parents or staff supporting these parents
  • Supervision

Residential Homes

For residential children’s home we offer regular and ongoing consultations in the form of Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings and supervision of staff.

TAC meetings usually involve key workers, managers, therapeutic staff, care workers and social workers (where appropriate). This is an opportunity for staff to reflect on what is going well and not going well for the young people they care for, consider and review their goals and formulation and identify key areas of work and strategies for staff and the young people. Where specific outcome measures are identified or used, these can be discussed and implemented via the TAC as well as referrals or suggestions for other work.

We can also offer Psychological assessment for individual young people to explore:

  • Trauma
  • Behaviours that Challenge
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Suspected ADHD or Autism

We provide comprehensive training to residential homes around:

  • Attachment and Trauma
  • Therapeutic Parenting
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Supervision

Services for Looked After and Adopted children need to be tailored to the individual organisation, which is why we don’t offer a standard ‘one size fits all’ package. Contact Me to discuss your individual organisational needs and to create a bespoke package of how we could support you.

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