Ankit Sachdeva

Occupational therapist

My name is Ankit Sachdeva and I am an Occupational therapist currently working with one of the Local Authority in the Midlands. I graduated in 2011 and since then I have worked in different Occupational therapy settings out of which I specialise in Children's therapy the most. I am passionate about working with children and young people and helping them overcome their functional difficulties despite their condition/diagnosis.

My passion is to provide occupational therapy to children who have those hidden difficulties which a 'normal' world won't notice. I believe the young bodies and minds who face the hardships of their difficulties, should have opportunities to achieve their real potential.

I have a keen interest in sensory processing difficulties and motor conditions such as Dyspraxia. I provide practical solutions and ideas to parents to deal with difficulties arising due to these conditions and make positive changes in their child's life. I believe that children have the most important occupation which is play and every therapeutic intervention to support a child should be based on play. This is the reason you will always find my ideas full of play and creative activities.

I believe- "We don't need to prove anything here but we are challenging ourselves against the norms."

Corporate Livewire 2024 Award

GHP Social Care 2024 Award

SME News 2023 Award

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